Milne Bay Commune is a Collection of Virtual Land bought within the developing game known as

We are not financial advisors nor do we recommend spending your money on, that responsibility and decision lies solely with the user.

All images and descriptions of the Milne Bay Commune are simply concepts and ideas to help guide what other game players could do within the area of Milne Bay Commune on The fact that we - the founders of the project - have bought tiles within the area does not constitute a commitment to build the proposed idea, nor do we have any knowledge on if it will be possible due to the game being in development still, it has been presented in a way to give the owner(s) of the tiles the option to do so.

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We reserve the right to make changes to the website or even discontinue it without notice, the content on here should not be taken as gospel and you the user take responsibility for doing your own research.

By purchasing virtual land in the area, you grant us the right to feature any land bought in our gallery. 

If you would like any content taken down or have any complaints please get in touch with us via our discord server as provided in the links throughout our website.